Engine Machining and Rebuilding
Machine Tool Rebuilding

Machine Rebuild: Your machine will be rebuilt to like-new condition and will be returned to OEM standard of alignment and performance. We will completely disassemble your machine, all components thoroughly inspected and evaluated. All machine ways will be machined, ground or hand scraped to precision alignment. Worn components will be repaired or replaced. Upon completion of the rebuild, we will perform testing of all machine functions. All work will be fully documented, guaranteed and backed with over 40 years of experience in machine tool rebuilding.Types of machines: We can rebuild nearly every type and brand of machine tool you may have, including, but not limited to: lathes, mills, grinders, presses, drills, machining centers, turning centers, punches, benders, etc.

Machine Tool Retrofitting.

Retrofitting a machine equipped with an old or non-existent CNC or PLC control can increase your productivity. Incorporating automation into a manual machine can reduce the time it takes your employees need to finish a part, which lowers cost per part and increases daily production. It also increases precision, which in turn equals better products.Retrofits can range from the addition of a simple digital read out (DRO) system or installation of a complete CNC automation system. We incorporate products from companies including, but not limited to: Allen Bradley, G.E.Fanuc, Siemens, Anilam, Heidenhain, and others.

Field Service

In addition to performing total rebuilds or retrofits, we also offer field maintenance on machines. If your machine is down and does not warrant a total removal from service for a relatively minor repair, we will travel to your facility and perform the necessary work. This service can also be quite beneficial to a company whose own maintenance department are overloaded with work and needs a pressing breakdown or failure attended to immediately.When your machine is down, there's no time to waste with repairmen who might know what they're doing or might show up by the end of the week. Make one call to Peiffer, and there's no second-guessing.


MTS have the capability to manufacture most machine components. We have the capability of way grindings to 18' plus a fully equipment machine shop for smaller machine components. We are accustomed to making machine parts that are no longer available from the OEM. To enhance our parts manufacturing, we have established a network of venders to provide specialty components. We have worked with these venders for many years and receive their best pricing and delivery schedules. So, if you have a sample part, let us make these parts that are not available from any other source.

Custom Machines

If you are in need of a machine to fill a niche, we can help. By either converting an existing machine to special uses or building one from the ground up, you can get a machine to handle your needs that no OEM unit can do. From concept to completion, we will work with you every step of the way to make sure the finished product performs precisely the way you require.Our team's extensive knowledge of all machine systems hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical/control, and mechanical ensures quality, functionality, and reliability with every Peiffer-built machine.