Four tips to share watches

In the selection of watches to check the following points, do not know may wish to look at. 1, check the watch appearance First of all sure to check the appearance of the watch to see if there is no scratches case, but also check the watches mirror and dial, when the second hand, angular symmetry of the replica watches uk, check the watches ring and the distance between the case is equal. 2, check the sensitivity of the watch Second, to check the sensitivity of the watch, not the first winding, and stop moving watch lightly about, this time, the second hand will have a certain degree of walking, if the second hand in a very short period of time to stop walking, It means that the watch in the full winding can be finished, that is, the high sensitivity of the watch. You can also watch the rotation of the head slowly turn to see the second hand start, if the second hand start early, it shows that the sensitivity of this watch is relatively high. 3, check the watches needle, dial, watches mirror three spacing Check the meter, dial and watches mirror the distance between the three, logically speaking, these three must maintain a certain distance, otherwise it is easy to produce rolex replica machine rubbed the situation in the inspection when you can dial the needle , The minute hand and hour hand were allocated to the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock position to see whether the two pins into a straight solution, will be one of the points to 6 points when the needle to see whether the two needles is a straight line, dial To 12 o'clock, to see whether the two needle together. 4, check on the function Generally just replica watches when the article gives the impression that it is more relaxed, the more the more tight, if you can not go forward to turn the head when the clockwork has been full, if the abnormal sound during the rotation process , It may be the problem of top tooth slippery or the structure of a problem. Watch the four tips, love the watches you do not miss, and quickly learn it!